Weapons Charges

Weapons charges include a range of offenses, and vary from one offender to another. Jade is dedicated to providing you with the legal aid and representation that you need when it comes to weapons charges. Our goal is to help you receive the justice that you need, while keeping good people out of jail.

Knowing Your Rights Concerning Weapons Charges

Even with a conviction of a weapons charge, you have legal rights and should make use of them when in a court of law. Jade will first consult with you concerning the case, and will ensure that you aware of all of your rights. We will then create a case based on you offense, and will represent you when you go to court. Our mission is to lessen, and even eliminate, the charges being brought against you.

Weapons Charges Can Range In Offenses And
Knowing Your Rights Concerning Weapons Charges

Reaching Out for Professional Legal Aid

A weapons charge can have a serious impact on your record and your future. By reaching out for legal aid and receiving professional representation, you’re able to hep prevent serious charges, penalties, fines, and even jail time. It is important to always reach out for help when it is needed, and whenever you are dealing with a tough criminal charge that could have the potential of destroying your record and future well-being. Jade has the experience to work with you and help in getting you the justice that’s deserved.

If you were recently convicted of a weapons charge, call our office so that we can consult with you and begin developing a personalized defense.