Violent Crimes

The idea of going to prison for a violent crime may seem difficult to think about, but it is a hard reality for many who are not able to win their court case. Jade is committed to keeping innocent people out of jail and prison, helping them receive the justice that they need. Even with a violent crimes case, we’re able to handle your case and represent you in a court of law.

Know Your Rights Concerning Violent Crimes

Jade is able to represent you in court and file the proper paperwork to help eliminate or lessen the charges being brought against you. Jade’s goal is to fight for you and understand your case on a deeper level than other attorneys would.

The Idea Of Going To Prison For A Violent Crime
Know Your Rights Concerning Violent Crimes

Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney

It can be difficult and even impossible to represent yourself in a court of law. Most often, offenders who do not reach out for professional legal aid are left with a lawyer who may not know their case or be focused on their best interests. Jade is different because she is committed to understanding your side of the story and helping you through this difficult time. This can help you avoid the stigma of going to jail, as well as eliminate the potential of your charge affecting your permanent record.

If you’re ready to reach out for legal help, call our office and we’ll work to represent you and your violent crimes case.