Both theft and property crime can have a severe impact on your record. While this doesn’t mean that the crime was justified, it simply means that certain charges can, and should, be lessened. The specific type of charge that’s brought against you depends on the level of theft, the amount that was stolen, or the damage to the property that was done. If multiple offenses have been committed, more than one charge is often brought against the offender.

Knowing Your Rights Concerning Theft or Property Crime

Even when you have been involved in theft or a property crime, you still have legal rights, and are allowed professional, proper legal representation in a court of law. Jade is here to see to it that you have a solid case that reduces, or even eliminates, your charges. This can help keep the offense off of your record and get rid of the need to pay fines and penalties.

Both Theft And Property Crime Can Have A
Knowing Your Rights Concerning Theft Or Property Crime

Receiving the Legal Aid that You Need

Our goal is to provide you with tough legal aid that is beneficial to the outcome of your court case. We not only help in creating your case in our office, but defending you when the time comes to be seen in court. We are there next to you when you may feel alone, and we fight for your rights both as a victim and an offender.

If you have been charged with theft or a property crime, call our law office so that we can begin helping you to develop a case.