Shoplifting is a serious offense that can leave you with a record, fines, penalties, and even a prison term. Jade is committed to fighting for your rights and lessening the charges brought against you. Our mission is to help with your shoplifting charge, and provide the legal representation that you need in a court of law.

Knowing Your Legal Rights

Despite being convicted of shoplifting, you have legal rights and should reach out for professional legal aid when it’s most needed. Jade will first consult with you to gather information pertaining to your case, and then will file proper documentation to represent you in court. She will stand with you in court so that you are not alone. The existence of prior convictions and the amount that was stolen could both have an impact on your case.

Shoplifting Is A Serious Offense That
Receiving Legal Help When It’s Most Needed

Receiving Legal Help When It’s Most Needed

Jade is here to represent you in court, preventing you from feeling and being alone. She will always fight to keep good people out of jail, and will take the time to understand your case so that you never feel alone throughout the legal process. By lessening the charges brought against you, you can prevent getting a permanent mark on your record, and will find that because you reached out for solid professional help, it benefits your future and your loved ones.

If you’ve been convicted of shoplifting, our goal is to help you in a court of law to provide the legal aid that is both wanted and needed.