Sex Crimes

Sex crimes can range from being relatively minor to something that could put you behind bars for quite a long time. Jade is here to represent you in court as a criminal defense attorney. She will consult with you concerning the case, and will see to it that your charges are reduced or eliminated altogether.

Knowing Your Legal Rights

The type of charge that may be brought against you will depend on your prior criminal convictions, as well as the specific type of offense. The first step is consulting with Jade so that she can build a case for you. You will then receive representation in court regarding the sex crime and will have your rights defended when in front of the judge.

Sex Crimes Can Range From Being Relatively 1
Knowing Your Legal Rights 1

Consulting and Receiving Legal Aid and Representation

Most clients aren’t aware of their rights, even if they were the one who was convicted of a crime. It is our mission to make you aware of these rights and to represent you in court when it is most needed. We will help in filing the case for you, consulting with you prior to going to court, and then being with you to represent the case when you’re in front of the judge. Regardless of sex crime you are accused of, we are committed to keeping good people out of jail.

If you’ve been recently convicted of a sex crime, Jade is here to take on your case and help defend you in a court of law.