Whether you or a loved one was recently arrested, this offense could take a toll on your permanent record and leave you with heavy fines and penalties to pay. Jade is here to take on your case, and see to it that justice is served. Our commitment is to help keep good people out of jail and provide the legal representation that you need.

Understanding Your Legal Rights Concerning Arrests

Just because you were recently arrested does not mean that you do not have rights. There are many rights that every individual has that you can and should take advantage of when going to a court of law. We can help you understand these rights, and create a case so that charges filed against you are reduced or eliminated.

Whether You Or A Loved One Was
The Type Of Charge That May Be Filed Against 1

Professional Legal Aid When You Need It

The type of charge that may be filed against you will depend on the specific type of arrest and offense. For offenders with previous charges, there may be more consequences to your actions than for those who are first-time offenders. No matter the situation, Jade can represent you in court and ensure that your case receives the attention you deserve. By receiving professional legal aid, you’ll be able to go to court knowing that you have someone who is on your side and who has your back.

If you were recently arrested and require legal aid and representation, call our office now and we’ll work to get you the help that you need.